50 mg / ml PG NIC báze

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These types of Pure Nicotine products has to be blended down with a non nicotine Usp Kosher Vegetable Glycerin ( VG ) Or Propylene Glycol( PG ) product for your special used. Absolutely prohibit directly to smoke with any e-cigarette.

*How many pure nicotine to use in each strength and volume


*How to preserve the pure nicotine:

1.Keep in dark place and avoid sunlight directly.

2.Avoid high temperature and heat.

3.Avoid to expose in air for long time.


1.Highly advisable to do it in a laboratory or a well-ventilated areas.

2. Keep out from Reach of children, pets and unaware adults

3. Avoid be inhaled or absorb through skin

4. Use with proper information, tools and laboratory/facility.

* First Aid:

1. Touch on skin: clean with Saline solution or running water

2. Get in Eyes: wash Eyes with water,if you still dont feel good, please to doctor for help.

3. Inhaled: leave the area and drink more water or seek medical advice

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50 mg / ml PG NIC báze

50 mg / ml PG NIC báze

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